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Since 2015 I have been dabbling in stand up comedy & storytelling. So far it has been a strange but fun experience. I have performed all over Los Angeles county & The OC, and in a bunch of shows in Madison, WI, including The Lady laughs comedy festival in 2017. 

All of the decent-quality recorded stuff that I do is cataloged below for easy access. 

In 2017 I hosted a monthly comedy & storytelling showcase at the Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood, CA called Hey Whoopie Cat! 

Rated Her Comedy Showcase: Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Full audio (21:07) January 16, 2016

JPH Story Slam: Wonder (audio, 5:58) December 22, 2017
Lady Laughs Comedy Festival (audio, 9:49) November 3, 2017
Great Dane Stand Up Fall Down (audio, 13:15) August 27, 2017 -- One of my favorite sets!
Theatre of NOTE Marathon (audio, 10:22) January 28, 2017
Rated Her Comedy Showcase (audio, 9:15) October 15, 2015

Open Mics
Open Mic (audio, 2:46) January 11, 2016  
Open Mic (audio, 3:15) July 22, 2015
First Open Mic (video, 2:16) June 24, 2015

The Return of Commodore Poop Sandwich (video, 6:46) "In our darkest hour, an exiled hero must find hope again."


Feel free to follow me on Vimeo & Soundcloud for more clips & other nonsense not listen above.