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"Clare is a native of WI who currently resides in southern California with her sweet kitty Oliver. She loves a good beer, a wild story, the perfect karaoke song, tacos, & comedy. 

Clare fancies herself a bit of a comic and storyteller when she's not busy recording, editing, producing and talking about her many podcasts, most of which are on her podcast network Calico. Clare has performed stand up all over Madison, WI, Los Angeles, and Orange County. She once did a family friendly set in a circus space for their Christmas show, so it's safe to say she's down for whatever. She even hosted a comedy & storytelling showcase called Hey Whoopie Cat! at Theatre of NOTE."


In addition to running my mouth in any way that I can, I love hiding behind my camera at local burlesque shows, concerts, & weddings, or hiding behind my computer managing social media accounts & learning some nerdy ass shit like Javascript.


Find me on social media:

  • Vimeo - Watch clips from stand up events & a Snapchat compilation of the time my cat's head got stuck in a bag
  • Soundcloud - Listen to clips from Stand Up events & other random nonsense.
  • Flickr - Check out photography from a variety of events & shoots.
  • Medium - Read some heartfelt blog posts about whatever is wrong with the world, now. Who knows.
  • Twitter - You know what Twitter is for, come see what my 14k+ Tweets are all about, maybe you'll like one of them.
  • LinkedIn - Connect, endorse my many skills such as "memes", get impressed, and hire me to do a thing.
  • Memes - I make memes and share the memes of others on Instagram because that's what the cool kids are doing these days. 

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